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Welcome to Ledgable

Enterprise Block-Chain Services

  • Ledgable is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) provider, enabling Enterprises to realise Block-Chain infrastructure without the associated cost incurred via consultants, infrastructure, know-how and availability. We are a one-stop shop provisioning party!

    We leverage scale to deliver competitive price-to-performance without the associated risk. We even allow you to test-drive the Ferrari!

  • Select from our Business or Enterprise tiers as you feel the need to grow.

    You can upgrade without difficulty and implement additional replica's of your data on demand. We will sort out of the provisioning. You just tell us where and when.

  • Ledgable allows you to define custom record types for storage (only available to our Enterprise clients), via our "Build-Your-Own" engine.

    Alternatively select from over 20 of our default record-types available via one-click or use this as a basis for your own specialized record.

  • About

  • Scaling

  • Custom Solutions

Public Access

Take the service out for a spin under the public-tier.

Find out whats unique and the speed of our service. Just remember to hold onto your socks!

Test-drive the Service

Our implementations are completely independent of each other. Choose from storage locations, block types and availability on demand (Not available under the Public tier).

When you are ready, move to our Enterprise or Business Tiers.

  • Public

    100 records per day write 10 records per minute read System Reset each Week Financial, Stock and Info block types Free of charge
    Activate Access now!
  • Business

    Write up to 100k records per day Read up to 10k records per minute Over 20 predefined block types including Smart Contract chains enabled Select storage location Lifetime storage* Export on demand* Pricing starts at 5c per write transaction Pay as you go!
    Get started now!
  • Enterprise

    Unlimited Writes per day Unlimited Reads per day subject to Fair Use Policy Over 20 predefined block types, Smart Contracts & the ability to define your own Select storage location Export on demand* Lifetime storage* Pricing starts at 0.1c/Write and gets cheaper for committed volume Subscription Model
    Contact Us


Ledgable takes security seriously. For this reason, each access point is its own gatekeeper and only the authenticated parties may pass.

Using multiple service providers, different data-centers and redundancy that may be configured as required, we enable businesses to realize disaster recovery protocols reserved only to the top worldwide enterprises. We've also made improvements from a software perspective to keep services running and reliable.

You can extend the security model by allowing external parties to access your data in a controlled manner as required.


Access to the Chains is via HTTPS/REST or SOCKET level services. Depending upon your needs, one will suite you more than the other. Alternatively use both together and realize the potential of the service.

Socket Services allow high-speed, on demand and volume based connectivity to the infrastructure. Allowing you to perform complex direct actions upon the chain, you receive the responses when the data is ready; in most cases instantaneously.

HTTPS/REST allows for rapid data exchanges without extensive implementation know-how. Using our demo REST interface, you can perfect your queries and data injection mechanisms with ease.

  • CompanyLedgable B.V.
  • Reg. No / RSIN:68272952 / 857370212
  • Tax-id:NL 8573.70.212 B01
  • Address:254 Kaaisjouwerskade
  •  Nijmegen
  •  The Netherlands
  • Contact:+31 20 750 8304

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